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Learn to Spell
396 Spelling Words

Play 396 spelling words in your CD player. Listen to these 396 words over and over again until you know them by heart.

Over 1 Hour of
Spelling Words on Each CD

Over 1 hour of spelling words on each disc. If you don't know a word, you will hear it again. Each word is repeated 4 times in 4 different contexts.

Spelling Words Repeat

Spelling words repeat after 15 minutes or so. Each time a spelling word is presented, it is presented in a unique sentence. You get 4 opportunities to spell each spelling word correctly.

Listen to
396 Spelling Words

At your leisure, listen and learn from these 396 spelling words. The pace is slow and relaxing. You are given plenty of time for spelling the word correctly before the voice on the CD does so.

Teach Your Child to Spell

Teach your child that words are spelled a certain way and none other. This is an important lesson in life. Once a child has learned that there is a right way and a wrong way to spell words, there is no looking back!

Spelling For Life

By learning to spell a few words correctly, your child acquires a life-long interest in spelling. The first CD in this series starts by showing your child how to spell 60 words correctly.

Audio Spelling Bee

This series of CDs is an audio spelling bee for beginning spellers. Just like a spelling bee, each word is presented in a sentence. Each sentence is followed by a pause. It is during the pause that your beginning speller gives the answer.

Learn to
Spell Easy Words First

Enjoy learning to spell harder and harder words. If you can learn to spell easy words, you can later learn to spell hard words.

Spell Frequently
Occurring Reading Words

Great for helping someone you love learn to read. If your loved one knows how to spell frequently occurring words, your loved one is more likely to be able to read these words on sight.

Spelling Words
Found on Each Disc

Each disc has a unique list of spelling words. The first disc is called Spelling Words 1. Sixty spelling words are spelled for you on Spelling Words 1.

See below for the spelling words found on each CD:

Spelling Words 1 (60 words)
the, and, of, to, a, in, he, i, was, that, it, his, you, had, with, is, as, for, not, at, on, but, her, him, have, which, she, be, this, said, my, they, me, one, all, by, from, there, so, no, were, what, who, we, are, an, when, then, would, been, man, will, them, do, your, if, out, or, their, up
Spelling Words 2 (60 words)
could, into, more, very, now, time, did, upon, little, two, has, well, about, like, some, see, know, only, than, before, himself, other, down, good, come, am, made, over, any, day, us, should, old, Mr., after, its, again, these, how, must, never, go, where, here, say, first, can, such, great, nothing, way, went, back, came, long, much, hand, through, our, yes
Spelling Words 3 (60 words)
just, without, shall, eyes, away, still, every, thought, may, young, men, might, door, make, night, think, head, last, most, took, house, three, saw, let, too, own, once, take, those, father, life, room, off, even, being, same, don't, left, right, moment, asked, found, while, why, tell, replied, another, face, place, people, get, looked, got, many, ever, always, seemed, heard, though, going
Spelling Words 4 (60 words)
sir, under, soon, yet, oh, thing, give, cried, put, look, because, seen, each, few, something, quite, name, done, words, half, light, world, turned, Mrs., felt, between, against, heart, having, passed, side, new, told, knew, myself, morning, voice, mind, find, water, hands, far, years, however, mother, whom, since, things, word, count, captain, miss, love, also, called, five, better, dear, almost, both
Spelling Words 5 (52 words)
general, point, four, until, days, enough, work, part, towards, end, whole, returned, hundred, near, set, next, white, gave, poor, began, feet, woman, herself, air, behind, river, nor, taken, want, brought, does, along, army, whose, perhaps, girl, chapter, thus, stood, longer, course, friend, during, dead, leave, enemy, anything, open, already, sure, rather, round
Spelling Words 6 (52 words)
hour, thousand, around, small, alone, large, home, among, cannot, fell, evening, wish, believe, indeed, road, country, black, looking, everything, really, death, within, full, fire, gone, return, twenty, child, answered, king, matter, hope, together, lay, speak, entered, above, troops, possible, order, bed, least, island, second, says, given, sent, reached, themselves, miles, ten, less
Spelling Words 7 (52 words)
god, lord, thou, best, use, power, used, present, others, works, money, form, till, thy, kind, certain, often, year, true, keep, wife, means, public, state, son, children, case, thee, person, high, read, city, received, fact, known, hear, times, english, body, itself, land, nature, either, law, help, letter, women, number, therefore, friends, held, free